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Lesotho Culture                                                                                                                                       

Due to their mountainous living environment The Basotho people have made many adaptations to their conditions. The Basotho blanket is an important part of Basotho culture. All around the country you will see people dressed in beautiful woollen blankets. This is the ideal garment for the cold environment!

The Basotho hat is the national emblem of the Kingdom of Lesotho.The common belief is that the shape of the hat was inspired by the shape of one of the mountains visible from Thaba Tseka, which itself was the mountain fortress that was key to the establishment of the Kingdom of Lesotho.

Each village in Lesotho has a chief. The chief allocates fields around the villages to villagers. Many crops are cultivated including maize, wheat, beans, peas and cabbage. Animals are important in Basotho society especially the Basotho pony which represents the best mode of transport in the mountains.


Culture in Lesotho

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